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KPS Clinical Services Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in baseline and marketing survey, training and development for Clinical Research Methodology, Regulatory Compliance, and Pre & Post Harvesting Techniques of Plants having Medicinal and Aromatic values & their inventory management. KPSCS is also providing training on standardization of Herbal drugs as per WHO guidelines, European guidelines and Indian guidelines.
Objectives: Services:
  • Cultivation of valuable medicinal and aromatic plants, primarily to improve livelihood opportunities.
  • Survey, inventorisation and conservation of biodiversity of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Strengthening supply of jadi buti /plants having medicinal values to pharmaceutical industry.
  • Research and implementation of scientific techniques, bio-diversity, biotechnology and genetic melioration in plants having medicinal and aromatic values.
  • Introduce jadi buti / Medicinal plants from India at global level.
  • Setting up of data-base system for inventorisation, dissemination of information and to facilitate prevention of patents being obtained for medicinal use of plants which is in the public domain.
  • Quality control assessment and research on active ingredients and substances of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Human resource development, extension and dissemination of information relating to medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Consultancy/technical services for pre & post harvesting techniques of plants having Medicinal and Aromatic values & their inventory management.
  • Baseline & marketing survey of land for cultivation and preparation of feasibility report.
  • Training to working professionals on pre and post harvesting techniques of Medicinal & Aromatic plants, Standardization of Herbal drugs as applicable guidelines such WHO, Scientific writing and publication, patenting and designing of product monograms.
  • Training & workshop on Clinical Research Methodology, Pharmacovigilance, and Regulatory compliance. for more details, log on SICR.IN
For more details, mail at / call at 0120-4231720 /21, 8750047471
KPSCS is also offering 60 Days Training on Research of herbal drug & Instrumentation handling at RVNI, Greater Noida. For more details, please mail at
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