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10 Clinical Trial Blogs You Should Know About
You know what they say. You are what you read. Ok, maybe that’s not what they say. But I’m going to say it.

The kind of information you expose yourself to shapes your personal and professional development. So as someone who wants to be knowledgable about clinical trials, I regularly read blogs of clinical trial experts (among other things).

Here I want to share clinical trial blogs that I’ve found to be valuable in hopes that you find value in them too.

But first, let me go over the criteria I used in defining the scope of selections. You may have a different criteria for the kinds of blogs you want to read, so I want to be clear about what my criteria was.

Consistent Publishing – Posts may not necessarily be very frequent, but there is some consistency in publication. If at the time of this writing a blog appears abandoned, it’s not on this list.

Informative rather than self-promotional – Blogs that are informative and do not serve primarily to pitch services and products. Also, this preference includes consideration as to whether a blog links out to valuable resources, rather than primarily linking to its website’s interior pages.

For clinical trial professionals – There are some great clinical trial blogs with content for patients. There are also great blogs for pharma professionals. But I have to limit the scope to those for clinical trial professionals or this list would become unwieldy.

Generally high quality – Enough said.
New Information or Unique Perspective – Since I read blogs to learn things, my bias favors blogs that consistently present new information or discuss longtime industry topics in a fresh or insightful manner.

All of these factors were considered when narrowing this list to 10 blogs

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